How we work

ERIKS is a children’s rights organization. Based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we fight for children living in poverty and vulnerability and their chances of a better life, now and in the future. Our work is mainly directed towards vulnerable children in developing countries.


ERIKS argues for every child’s right to education.

Schooling shall be available in close proximity of the children and that those who have missed out regular school enrollment shall have a second opportunity for education.

We defend the right to education for both girls and boys, for minorities and for children with disability. We promote child participation in schools and support improvement of the quality of education.


ERIKS is more focused on preventive health than on medical care.

Many children die from diseases that are easily preventable. To prevent diseases is more cost-effective and reduces suffering. This type of work demands long-term involvment. Through awareness about the importance of clean water, hygiene, nutrition and vaccines, many lives can be saved.


Nobody is allowed to exploit children.

The child should be able to have control over his/her own body and mind.

If a child is being maltreated, he or she should be able to find help and support.Trafficking and child marriages are examples of practices that ERIKS is combatting. Children should be protected from hazardous work and occupations that prevent them from attending school. Children have the right to feel secure and as far as possible grow up in a family environment.

Disaster relief and humanitarian aid

Flooding, drought or earthquakes often occur unexpectedly and demand immediate response.

Our ambition is to act quickly, but also be prepared to stand alongside the affected communities long-term. In many localities, ERIKS is active in promoting food security for the most vulnerable families.We give people access to clean drinking water. We work long-term to improve life conditions and reduce risks for people in disaster-prone areas.