We work with several donors to ensure a stable economic base.

Individual donors

A large and important share of ERIKS’ revenues comes from individual donors. About 30 percent of ERIKS’ annual revenue is gathered through donations.

ERIKS’ Second Hand

Approximately 20 percent of the total revenues are generated from ERIKS’ Second Hand Shops. There are just above 60 Second Hand Shops in Sweden. Most of these shops are jointly owned with local churches and/or associations who share the financial surplus with ERIKS.

Swedish Mission Council / Sida

SMC is a forum for churches and Christian organizations working to provide opportunities for people and societies to change. SMC channel funds from Sida to its member organizations and ERIKS annually receive around 30 percent of our total revenues from SMC.

Swedish Postcode Lottery

ERIKS is a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery since 2009. The Lottery’s supports organizations working with in areas such as human rights, health and environment.


Radiohjälpen is a foundation operated by the Swedish Television, the Swedish radio and the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company. They work with fundraising, information and financial support to organizations.