Second Hand Shops

Visit our second hand shops. When you shop at Erikshjälpen Second Hand, you´ll help change the world – one small step at a time.

In our shops you’ll find everything from furniture, carpets, china, clothing and lawnmowers.
And you just might find that special thing you’ve been looking for. At affordable prices – knowing that the profits will do good.


Take a break, sit down and relax at Café Erik. We serve sandwiches and biscuits with aromatic coffee and tea.

Shop and contribute to a better world

When you shop at Erikshjälpen Second Hand, you will make a difference in many ways:

  • The profits become new opportunities for children and families who need help, both in Sweden and abroad. This is achieved through social interventions.
  • In our shops, volunteers receive job skills and experience.
  • By recycling, we contribute to sustainable development in environmental terms.


Profits for children

Most of the people working in our shops are volunteers who give of their time and experience. Both volunteers and employees contribute to the great profit.
In most shops, the profits are divided between the local partner association or church which Erikshjälpen
cooperates with. The profits are used in various projects that change children´s lives