How we work

Partnership with local actors

We work at the grass roots. Together with the people concerned.
For implementation of our interventions, we work with about seventy partner organizations around the world. They are our local and regional experts. In that manner, the projects can be easily adapted to the local context, language and opportunities. It guarantees a close relationship with the target group so that they can participate and have influence on the intervention. More children will have the opportunity to change their life situation and fulfil their dreams.

Rights-based approach

We use a rights-based approach. ERIKS’ development cooperation is characterized by a rights-based perspective stemming from our values. As we keep the children in focus for our activities, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a crucial document. A rights-based approach implies transferring knowledge to people about their rights, to assist them in finding strategies to satisfy those needs as long as the duty bearer is not able or willing to take his responsibility. It also implies building the capacity of the target group to claim the satisfaction of their rights.

Three pillars

ERIKS’ development interventions are to be planned according to “Child Rights Programming (CRP)” based on three pillars, three types of actions that concur to promote the rights of the child:
Direct actions on violations of children's rights and gaps in provision.
Strengthening the capacity of duty-bearers to meet their obligations.
Strengthening the understanding and capacity of children, their guardians and civil society to claim rights and hold others to account.

Networking with others

ERIKS cooperates with local implementing organizations in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Moreover, ERIKS cooperates with a large number of organizations and networks. Major donors and development partners in Sweden are Sida through the Swedish Mission Council, Radiohjälpen and the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

ERIKS also cooperates with Läkarmissionen, Individuell Människohjälp (IM) and International Aid Services (IAS) and is part of the EU-CORD network that brings together European organizations for development cooperation that share a Christian foundation for their work. Network members meet regularly to share experiences and explore possibilities for cooperation.

ERIKS works closely with several organizations in EU-CORD, such as Strömmestiftelsen, Tearfund UK, CORD and Medair. ERIKS is also active in Viva Network, which brings together organizations that work with children at risk.

Photo: Pelle Wahlgren
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