Our supporters and financiers

Individual donors

Individual donors are a big and important part of ERIKS income. Many are sponsors and give regular donations every month. We also have many young sponsors, who give a smaller amount every month.

Swedish Mission Council / Sida

All contributions from institutional donors are recorded in accordance with BFN R5 regarding government support. They are recorded only if it is highly probable that the funding does not have to be returned. Contributions are classified as debts until the expenses to which the funds were assigned have been made.

Swedish Post Code Lottery

In 2012 the income from Swedish Post Code Lottery was about 8 MSEK. The date of annual Postal Code Lottery disbursements has been changed in 2011; they are now carried out after the New Year. Thus, disbursements are based on real lottery sales during the year, rather than, as previously, on sales projections. The 2011 payment was disbursed and entered in the books in February 2012.


Radiohjälpen is a foundation operated by the Swedish Television, the Swedish radio and the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company. The Foundation's mission is to "coordinate the broadcasting campanies and fundraisings for humanitarian purposes."