ERIKS Development Partner is a child rights organization working in more than 20 countries. Our mission is to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting the rights of the child. We focus mainly on the child’s right to education, health and protection. Our work is financed by private donors and sponsors, but also from governmental funds, like SIDA and The Swedish Mission Council.
ERIKS work through local partners.

Second Hand

ERIKS’ first second-hand shop opened in 1990. Today, there are more than 55 shops spread throughout the entire country, with additional loca­tions being planned. Most shops are jointly owned with local churches and/or associations who share the financial surplus. In 2012, 57 million SEK went directly to humanitarian needs.

Our stores not only generate income in, they also generate work for more than 1,900 volunteers. Without all of these committed volunteers, our stores would not have been such a source of inspiration, nor would the surplus have been so great. The stores also offer job training for people who, for various reasons, have been out of work for a long time. The goal is to give collaborators meaningful work experience with references that can lead to a new job, and social engagement where they can feel needed. We see this as an important social contribution. The environmental impact of the second hand stores is also significant.

Scandinavian Doctors

Scandinavian Doctors sends medical professionals, who on a voluntary basis serve for six-week periods in hospitals in low-income countries. The work is funded in large part by ERIKS.
In 2012, a total of 53 volunteers were sent to hospitals in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Nepal. Volunteers also served on special missions in South America and the Congo. The medical staffs, with their high-level skills, have made ​​valuable medical and social contributions. They have also trained medical personnel nationwide.

Foto: Pelle Wahlgren